Family tradition sets Christian Scheuermann apart from other home builders. The Scheuermann name is well known among the custom home building community. In Northeastern Pennsylvania and Eastern New Jersey, the Scheuermann name is now synonymous with custom designed homes that provide an Old World European feel while utilizing modern construction techniques.

Third-Generation Builder.

Christian’s grandfather emigrated from Germany to the United States in 1924, bringing with him the skills of a European craftsman. He learned his skills from master builders in his home country. His success as a builder began a family business that has thrived over three generations.


Amenities & Craftsmanship

Christian carries on the work of his grandfather, skillfully adapting traditional ideals to current techniques. He has never lost sight of the knowledge and skills that have been passed from grandfather to son to grandson. The Scheuermann’s talent for preserving the style and charm of traditions past guarantees genuine craftsmanship and attention to detail in each completed home.

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