Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission:

Our mission is simple. We create beautiful luxury homes that are as unique as our clients. We provide each client with the home that reflects their taste and lifestyle. No two Christian Scheuermann homes are the same.



Our Philosophy:

The philosophy behind our work started at home with the Scheuermann family. We base our working style on a model of connection and understanding. Our approach allows us to develop designs that mirror our client’s lifestyles, but that is only the beginning. Our success lies in listening. Today’s world surrounds us with a lot of static. We hear from our clients their frustrations and stresses as we develop our working relationship. We believe your home should be a restive place where you can find solace from the pressures of each day.

With that understanding, our skilled staff guides you through the process of designing a home to fulfill not only your immediate needs, but also your future dreams. Our close relationship with you as a partner in our unique process makes it possible to weave master craftsmanship with your ideas and dreams. The result is an exquisite home. Our creative passion in our work guarantees your satisfaction.

Our Commitment to Quality:

Each Christian Scheuermann home is stylish, elegant, and luxurious. No matter what style you prefer, from classical to contemporary, we provide quality work. Christian Scheuermann Construction uses only the highest quality materials available to ensure your home is both beautiful and enduring for generations to come.

Our Attention to Detail:

We agree with our clients; even the smallest detail is of utmost importance! That is why we make sure that each brick, tile, and doorknob is approved by you. Every aspect of your home should be in keeping with your vision. If it is not, we work tirelessly to find the solution. No question is ever left unanswered.

Our Values:

Our business is built on values passed down from generation to generation. Honesty, integrity, creativity, and adaptability are the cornerstone values of Christian Scheuermann Construction. We live those values so that when you move into your new home, you are assured that it is exactly as you dreamed.

Builder of Dreams:

Contact us today and share your dreams with us!

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